Join us in Feeding the Frontline in Baltimore

As communities learn how to settle into a temporary-but-new normal of social distance and shelter-in-place, our restaurant friends face a grim reality. How to operate when people aren’t coming. At the same time hospital staff and emergency responders are facing their own grim reality as they risk their lives to save the lives of our loved ones. We think we can help by creating a network where the community can contact participating carryout restaurants, make a Feeding the Frontline in Baltimore donation, and enable the carryout restaurant to provide food for those on the Frontline in the war against COVID-19 (doctors, nurses, hospital staff, emergency responders, custodians, etc)!


Please help identify carry out restaurants in the Baltimore area that are open and may be willing to help Feed the Frontline workers at the hospital.

  1. Our first goal is to create a LIST of participating restaurants who can take direct donations to use to feed the people putting their lives at risk to help our loved ones and friends!


  • Choose Participating Restaurant on the list, call in or click DONATE to make a direct donation.
  • It’s as simple as swapping your regular lunch out with a $10-$20 gift card to feed someone else.

2. Our second goal is to identify and create a LIST of places with need.


Find a community you can serve. Call and ask them if they will accept deliveries or carry-out orders. Consider reaching out to:

  • A local hospital or urgent care center
  • A local first-responder station in your neighborhood

We would also love to help:

  • Vulnerable populations in your neighborhood who can’t leave their home (shelter, retirement home)
  • Local hourly workers who are concerned about their next paycheck at a nearby store, gas station, etc.
  • Local families who aren’t getting a meal due to school closures

Please Private Message this group or email feedingthefrontlineinBaltimore@gmail.com with Name, contact information (address and phone# and website -as well as contact person for delivery notification for locations) and of course suggestions.

Let’s put out heads and our hearts together!


Participating restaurants should continue to use proper safety and hygiene measures, and follow the changing instructions of local and federal governments. Current guidelines indicate low risk of Covid-19 transmission through food delivery and food pick-ups if proper guidelines are followed.

Note: Thank you to feedingthefrontline.com and #FeedtheFront for spearheading this effort! With a few delivery orders to a local hospital, Feeding the Frontline was born at Penguin Pizza in Boston.

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